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Thank you to all of our amazing donors:

Ann Donahue

Eat+Drink (Tere, Heather, Izzy & Free)

Matt Partney & Anthony Perez

Jim Kleverweis

Jennifer Bender

Patty and Randy Johnston

The Nayar Family

Eric Lulling

Andrea Federman

Nancy Forbes

Renee Hill-Sweet

Corey Miller

DK and Joyce Johnson Edie

Michael Spiller

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Rebecca Asher

Deborah Kay Pyles

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The Shahidi Kids

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DAM Burtons


Katherine Wright

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Laura Twors


Helen Stewart

Isaiah Adams

Mirea and Romyar Sharifi

Leslie and Ryan Martin

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Linda Mendoza

Sue Philips and Art Goldberg

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A Couragous Creative Culture

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The Seiler Family

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Jim and Mary Adams

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Blumes Tracy

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Mike Cohen


Erika Young

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Martin Percy

Adriana Milan

Eric Oliver

Kassy Edie

Keith Stepehen Edie

Konner Edie



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The Short:

“Lemonade Mafia”

Kiras Organic lemonade dynasty becomes in jeopardy when new comer Shantel Osgood sets up an extremely successful competing pink lemonade stand that encroaches into her territory. It is an all out neighborhood war amongst the young girls in a good-natured battle of wills between competing kid entrepreneurs in this a light-hearted comedy for all ages.


About the Director:

My name is Anya and I am so excited to have this amazing short written by Keith Edie to transition from my rewarding job as an assistant director to my dream career of directing. I have been in the film and television industry for 15 years, some of my more recent projects include “The Mindy Project”, “Angel From Hell", "HBO's The Comeback" and my current show “Blackish”.  I thank you sincerely for taking the time to read about LEMONADE MAFIA and to donate!


About the Production Company 2 On a Roll, LLC:

2 on a Roll, LLC, the brainchild of Anya Adams and CJ Pyles,  seeks to find, produce, and create groundbreaking new reality, television and feature productions.


How you can help?


  • Spread the word! Tell your friends or anyone you think would be interested:


Twitter: #mafiaLemonade

Facebook: Lemonade Mafia


  • Donate your time/talent

  • Donate your equipment

  • If you want to know exactly where your money goes, we have a list (think registry) of all the things we need, and you can sign up to sponsor any of them and pay the vendor directly. (Rentals, hard drives, etc...) 


**Making a film takes time…….you might choose to donate now in preproduction, during the shoot, in post-production, or during the festival run once you've seen the trailer and fall in love with the film. Or maybe you will donate more than once! Every dollar helps until we are done with the festival run. We don't want an expiration date or the donations to be stuck until the end of the campaign. 


How much we need and what we need it for:

We need to raise $15,000 USD to cover the cost of production, plus an additional $3,000.00 for festivals, applications and promotional materials.


  • Production: We have a 2 day weekend schedule at the end of June. We plan to shoot the entire script in two days.

  • Post-production: we need a colorist, and we need to cover the cost of burning DVDSs, Blu-Rays, and the output of the very expensive DCP.

  • Festivals: I want this short to be seen, so we will submit it to festivals. Each festival charges submission fees, plus we will need to mail the screeners, make posters, post cards and other promotional materials. When we get into festivals we will need money to ship the screener.


What do you get for helping Lemonade Mafia come to life? 

First our utmost gratitude for your generosity. It is our intention to put the bulk of the money raised towards the production, with that in mind we did put together some pretty cool perk packages:

$20 dollars thank you credit on the website.

$50 dollars Digital Copy of the film and a thank you credit on the website.

$100 dollars a Digital Copy of the Film, a DVD or Blu-Ray and a thank you credit on the website. 

$200 dollars **(no longer available) Digital Copy of the Film, a DVD or Blu-Ray, a poster, and an associate-producer credit in the film. 

$500 dollars **(no longer available) Digital Copy of the Film, a DVD or Blu-Ray, a poster, a producer credit and two tickets to any festival screening of the short that you wish to attend.

$1,000 dollars(**no longer available) a Digital Copy of the Film, up to 3 DVD or Blu-Rays, a poster, a booklet with prints of behind the scenes pictures, an Executive producer credit, four tickets to any festival screening of the short that you wish to attend.

$1,000 + dollars email production to let us know what you want!


Why are we not using a standard crowd-funding site?

We decided to not use an established crowd-funding site because:

  • We don't want the donations to be wasted in high fees. (5% plus credit card fee 3-4% ... that adds up quick!) 

  • We don't want you to get spam or other ads.


For any questions, suggestions, info or just words of encouragement email me at


Thank you for taking the time to read about Lemonade Mafia!

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